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How a pope might treat curial diseases

Gillen, Erny

9783737543125 76 2015

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In his 2014 pre-Christmas address to his administration in Rome, Pope Francis presented the cardinals, bishops, prelates and staff, along with the whole world, with a long list of harmful attitudes that make people ?ill?. These fifteen ?curial diseases? impede not only the people affected but also the reform of the Church and its Curia. In an open letter I first examine the curial diseases, with the image of a ?God-among-us Church? I try to cover what a healthy church and Curia could look like. Specifically I then lay six kinds of organisational remedies on the table of the Church?s future, which might help to bring the Curia and the Church closer together again in their responsibility and mission. This open letter has now turned into a booklet that is intended to give those affected by curial diseases ?fresh ideas?. It is intended to keep them ?active?, away from Rome and power, towards people and life. Since fresh air at ?new locations? does everyone good, we started having ideas about really decentralizing the Curia. A sensitive and competent disentangling of worldly and religious rule is proposed, in order to clear the way for a new relationship between religions and states on the world scene. With this open letter I want to reach out to Christians and win them over to Pope Francis? vital reform project. This pope urgently needs support from the grassroots. We must not leave him alone in all his efforts and endeavours. The reform of the Curia is a reform of the Church, a reform of our ?God-among-us Church?.

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